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This is about Jack Stuler, and the foundation created in his honor.


To provide means for Arizona’s artists to actualize their creative potential as empowered professionals.

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About JSF

About Jack:

"Jack Stuler is first and foremost a practicing photographer of high attainment. He just happens to practice his art in front of students in academia, where he keeps a low profile, circumvents obstructions, and ducks when any nonsense is hurled his way. And perhaps that is the most effective attitude of all. One day, when I grow up, I want to be like Jack Stuler." 

Bill Jay, Photography Historian, Essay: Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Jack

The Jack Stuler Foundation (JSF) was created in 2017 in memory of Jack Houghton Stuler, who passed away in 2015.  Jack's daughter, Sabina Kelly-Allen, started JSF as a way to honor and celebrate her father's life and legacy.  

JSF was created to honor him, his art, and his dreams. 

"...This is his legacy. The photographs, paired with him, the man... who he was...his legacy needs to be seen and known.  The Foundation is the way his life’s passion lives on through others – through aspiring artists empowered to pursue careers in their chosen fields"

-Sabina Kelly-Allen, Jack Stuler's daughter, 2017, on why she began the Foundation.

JSF Purpose:

JSF programs are inspired by and honor Jack's values and dreams for a better place for artists in Arizona. Our efforts ensure Jack is remembered and honored, while we work to improve futures for artists in Arizona.

It is not only the prospects of the good work this foundation will undoubtedly do, but also the desire to share his work, his legacy and his message that makes this project so exciting. 

If you are a gallery owner, and would like to exhibit artwork by Jack Stuler, there is a large selection of ready to hang work to choose from. 

Or if you are interested in getting involved in any of the other opportunities with JSF, please contact me through the link below to get started. Thanks!

JSF Vision & Mission:


Our vision is a world where art students are empowered to pursue a career in their chosen field of study, and experience financial freedom to choose their path in higher learning and art careers.  Pursuing a career in art will be embraced by a market that honors the artist and their work, supporting their vital cultural contribution to society. Through the programs set up as a result of our desire to honor Jack Stuler, and his passion for these ideals, our vision is accomplished.


The JSF mission is to provide ways and means for Arizona’s fine artists that encourage and accommodate the pursuit of academic and career paths that are free from financial constraints – constraints that otherwise limit these artists from realizing full potential.

To assert our mission, JSF provides financial and other forms of support to artists so they can keep their art-career goals free from financial worry.

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Stay Updated, and Find Ways You Can Get Involved: By being involved, you are a supporter and friend of Jack, and you believe in the basic guiding ideas we have listed. You may already be involved in foundations or causes that support the arts in Arizona. But your support and expertise here at JSF will truly be a valuable resource, especially now, as we work so diligently to start operations, and awarding selected artists from the very first round of applicants!

About Jack:

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